Pet reptiles can make fascinating and unique companions. From the colorful patterns of bearded dragons to the sleek scales of king snakes, reptiles come in a wide variety of species, each with their own characteristics and care requirements. These cold-blooded creatures require specific habitat setups, with temperature and humidity levels carefully monitored. Providing a proper diet is crucial, as reptiles have specific nutritional needs. Some reptiles, like turtles and tortoises, require access to water for swimming and soaking. Reptiles can be low-maintenance pets compared to dogs or cats, but they still need attention and care. It's important to handle them gently and regularly to ensure they become accustomed to human interaction. With the right knowledge and commitment, pet reptiles can bring a sense of wonder and a touch of the exotic into our lives.

We offer both live and frozen rodents. If you're feeding your snake frozen food we strongly recommend adding vitamins to replace the missing vitamins & minerals.

Ravenous Reptile Food


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